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As a Royal Free House we can chose what drinks we wish to serve, we do this by sampling many products and listening to what our customers want.

From wines, real ales, bottled beers, lagers and spirits we try to source interesting products that reflect today's changing tastes and complement the food we serve.

Our current draft Lagers are:

Becks Vier, Maissels Weisse. Litovel, Steigl, Moretti and Heineken Continental.

Real ales:

London Pride, Timothy Taylor Landlord, UBU and Black sheep

And of Course



Our wine list reflects our love of Italy and all things Italian:
RED WINES 175 ml Bottle
Nero D’Avola, Ca’di Ponti Sicily - Italy £3.75 £11.95

Big Sicilian fruity red, bargain wine, buy a bottle!


NEW Merlot, Montevista - Chile

£4.00 £14.50

Soft and juicy with plum and cherry aromas.
Merlot with great balance and a long finish


NEW Cabernet Sauvignon, Sierra Grande - Chile



Rapel Cabernet full of dark cassis fruit and soft ripe tannins


Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Ancora - Italy


A brilliant red, traditionally made with a great balance of tannin and fruit    

NEW Shiraz Soldier’s Block - Australia McLaren Vale

Elegant red wine with notes of spices, vanilla and strong blackberry flavours    
Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2006 - DOC Italy   £18.50
Classic flavours of cherries and spice in this easy drinking wine    
Malbec Reserva, Nieto Senetiner Mendoza, Argentina   £18.50
Maria’s choice, if you love Maria you will love the wine!    
Ondarre Graciano Rioja 2004 - Spain   £19.50

Fabulous Rioja from a modern vineyard, rich & fruity

Refosco Isonzo 2006   £22.50

Lovely wine from Fruili in Northern Italy, Intense flavours of blackcurrant and subtle tannins

NEW Chianti Classico Riserva,  Il Grigio   £32.50

Owner’s choice Smooth Chianti with lots of cherry and plum aromas and rich, chewy tannins

Lanata Barolo Lo Zocolaio 2003 Italy   £49.50
Modern style Barolo accessible without losing the character and aroma of this great name    
Amarone della Valpolicella 2003 Monte Olmi Tedeschi   £62.50

Traditional Amarone using dried grapes to produce a lush rich wine

ROSE 175 ml Bottle
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Rose 2008 £4.25 £17.50
Fantastic Rose with bundles of strawberry fruit crisp and refreshing    
WHITE WINES 175 ml Bottle

Catarratto, Ca’di Ponti Sicily - Italy

£3.75 £11.95
Quaffable fruity white from the south another bargain by the bottle    

NEW Chardonnay, Emiliana Estate - Chile

£4.00 £14.50
Zingy fruity fresh and lovely, intense aromas of tropical fruit and delicate floral characters    

Sauvignon 2009 Les Petits Faiteaux - France

£4.25 £15.50

Another classic french white, dry & fruity wine with  good acidity, Sauvignon as it should be

Pinot Grigio Conviviale Veneto - Italy £4.50 £16.50

Classic pinot, a class above our previous wine, great fruit and acidity


NEW Sauvignon Blanc, Moko Black - Marlborough Great New Zealand

Sauvingon - zesty citrus, white stone fruits and a clean finish Jackie’s favourite    
NEW Macon Charnay, Cuvee l’Ancienne - Burgundy   £22.50
Lovely peachy aromas leading to a full and ripe citrusy white wine. Long and lingering finish with gentle acidity, perfect with food    
Gewurztraminer, Rene Mure 2005 Alsace - France   £24.50
Spicy old school wine with good acidity and richness    

Chablis 2008 Henry Cottet


What a bargin even if it is in a scew cap bottle!  French, flinty dry,  drink up before global warming moves Chablis to Kent


Sancerre ‘Chateau de Thauvenay’ 2008 France


Elegant, dry and long on the palate. Lively yet subtle citrus and white flower aromas leading to a classically dry mineral taste characteristic of Sauvignon Blanc from chalky limestone soil.


175 ml

Prosecco Dolce Collini


Prosecco Rose Carpene Malvoti   £22.50
Champagne Marillac NV   £29.50
Champagne Moutard NV   £32.50
Champagne Perrier Jouet NV   £45.00
PORT 125ml Bottle
Barros Late Bottled Vintage £4.50 £29.50

We have an extensive range of bottled beers from around the world:


Boon Kriek 37.5cl  [5% ABV]   £4.95
Boon Kriek is a classic cherry beer based on naturally fermented and oak matured Lambic, in which the cherries have been macerated and
re-fermented resulting in full cherry fruitiness combined with the tangy Lambic flavours.
Boon Framboise 37.5cl  [6% ABV]    £4.95
Boon Framboise is traditional Raspberry beer based on natural fermented and oak matured Lambic beer. The unique taste of the Lambic is enriched by fresh home made raspberry jam flavours.  
Delirium 33cl  [9% ABV]   £3.95
Delirium is a full bodied, strong blond beer blending both in its aroma and flavour, spiciness (coriander and curacao) with hoppy dryness followed by a
pleasant malty, fruity sweetness spiked with hints of lemon.
Delirium Nocturnum 33cl  [8.5%ABV]     £3.95
Delirium Nocturnum is a well balanced full bodied and comforting ale with a caramel bitter sweetness and a silk like texture.  
Chimay Blue 33cl  [9% ABV]   £4.25
Chimay Bleu has a scent of fresh yeast combined with a slightly rosaceous flowery touch, hints of coffee and chocolate, followed by a delicious
caramel bitter-sweetness.
Chimay Rouge 33cl [7% ABV]   £3.95

Chimay Rouge has an attractive copper-brown colour, topped with a creamy head, a blend of hoppy dry, fruity, apricot-like flavours followed by a refreshing sharpness in the aftertaste.

Fruili  25cl [4.1%ABV]   £3.95

Yes that sweet strawberry one in the little bottle, If you would like to see it on Tap tell the staff.



Corona 33cl [5%ABV]   £3.00

Blond beer for quaffing on hot days, with or without the lime.

Negra Modelo 33cl [5.3%ABV]   £3.50

Dark Mexican beer with a honeyed amber taste.

Pacifico Clara 33cl [4.5%ABV]   £3.50

Yet another Blond beer for quaffing on hot days with or without the lime.



Sierra Nevada 33cl [5.6% ABV]   £3.50

A pale ale from the States, we used to make this type of rich pale ale now the Yanks have gone and copied us. Very nice too.



Budweiser Budvar 33cl [5%ABV]   £3.00
Budweiser Budvar beer is brewed in the Czech town of Budweis, which is located very close to the Austrian border. The beer consist of the finest umbels hops and barley malt from the Czech province of Moravia, as well as water from a 300 metres deep well. What more do you want to know?  


Peroni Nastro Azzuro 33cl [5.1ABV]   £3.00

The classic beach drink from Italy, Watch this space, Morretti on Draught soon.






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